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Increase your healing potential with Yoga therapy

Everybody's body and mind is unique. I provide a specialized practice that is safe and appropriate based on your body and your needs.  


A private lesson will

●Introduce you to the guiding principles of yoga, teach correct breathing, and guide you into postures safely.

●Help you prepare for group classes, if that is your goal.

●Help you realize progress in your practice on mental, emotional, and physical levels.  

●Provide comfort and convenience to you by assembling and arranging everything you will need for practice.  (i.e. blankets, blocks, straps, chair, etc.)

●Relieve sensation of pain and stiffness.


Benefits of private lessons 

● I use a variety of healing techniques to achieve a desired effect.

● I give my undivided attention toward my students and clients to assist in guiding then in breathing and movement in a safe, effective manner.

● You will receive a written practice for accelerated healing and support.

Get the best healing arts can offer!  

I provide skilled guidance to my students and clients with over 20 years of experience in

● Breathing techniques

● Movement and posture

● Mantra, sound, and vibration 

● Focus, mindfulness, and meditation techniques

● Support for mental and emotional stress

● Intuitive guidance




"I have been taking private sessions with my teacher for a few months now. They are a great resource for students who are experiencing any discomfort in their bodies and to learn how modify their practice in order to be safe. Private sessions greatly helped me improve my body and breath awareness."

Lisa K., Sacramento, CA

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