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"Your reiki healing you gave me last week helped me feel so much better and much more calm and in control of my runaway thoughts. Your healing abilities are very powerful, yet very calm and gentle.  I appreciate all of your healing and help with my anxiety and physical issues.  I feel so grateful to know that you care so much about helping me and others with your reiki healing.  Thank you!"
S.D., Yorba Linda 


"When I come to Kristen's classes, it helps me to have a mental reset.  To come into a state of mindfulness.  It helps to tune out the past and future, and focus on the present.  Reiki meditation helps with focus and awareness, like a detox for your mind. "

Bill C., Chino Hills



"Over the past year, meditation and reiki has helped me stop smoking cigarettes, and quelled my anxiety and self-loathing habits-- I have been a believer in the journey ever since! 


I very much enjoy going to Kristen's reiki meditation class because it strengthens my individual practice and there is something beautiful about coming together with people of all ages and experiences to sit together in peace and meditation. Join the community!"

Jessica M., Fullerton



"Since I've started yoga with you, my body hasn't felt this good in years. Each time I come to a class my body feels months younger! I feel taller and my posture has improved when I walk. I get great relief at your classes, but I'm also doing the sequence you have drawn up for me on the days I don't go to class. I can't believe how great I feel in the short time since I've started with you. Thank you so much!"

Andy Z., Yorba Linda (via email)


"After taking just a few of Kristen's meditation classes, in which she provides gentle guidance and support throughout, I found I could more quickly relax and clear my mind, in addition to sitting still for several minutes at a time. Previously, these things were almost impossible for me. I absolutely adore everything about this studio, including the healthy food and products they have for sale!"

Adrianne Angle, Yorba Linda (via Thumbtack)


"Kristen is a very knowledgable, warm, and caring teacher. I've been with the studio for over a year and I've noticed a big difference in my physical and mental states."
Amy G, Yorba Linda (on Yelp)



"Something wonderful came out of my yoga teacher training [with you] recently when I was able to help someone suffering from major stress. I used my pranayama and meditation training to help guide someone who was having a nervous meltdown into a more calmed and relaxed state. While I never really intended to use my yoga training to teach in a formal class setting, today I found it to be miraculous in an emergency situation! Yoga has again taken on new meaning for me and provided inspiration for my practice!"



Peggy M., Yorba Linda (via email)



"{The teachers} teach to the level of the class instead of over or underwhelming you. Classes are changed up a bit so they don't get repetitive. The owners, Kristen and Jeff Fewel, are lovely people who genuinely care about their clients."


Tamara Boswell Petrucci, Yorba Linda (on Yelp)



"Yoga with Kristen has served me very well in my recovery from surgery. For the first two weeks after surgery I was unable to use my arms or bend much, so it took every bit of ab strength that I had just to get in and out of bed! You have my thanks for getting me into shape before my surgery and helping me to recover afterwards!"

Lisa Baas, Placentia (via email)




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