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Kristen LeeFewel
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
 Reiki Master Teacher
Certified Health Educator
Author of The Gift of Awakening, available on Amazon and independent booksellers in OC & LA. 

Lead yoga teacher trainer, Kristen Fewel at Full Circle Yoga, Yorba Linda

I started practicing Yoga

in 1998 on a recommendation from my teacher and healer whom I have worked with now for over 20 years. At the time I was a stressed out and anxious massage therapist trying to fix the pain in the world with hardly a clue how to fix my own. My first spiritual awakening occurred when I was only six years old, but until Yoga came into my life I had no guidance or tools to handle anger, fear, and insecurity. Yoga became my path to inner peace and healing that nothing else had done for me. I took my first Yoga Teacher Training in 1999 and have been teaching and sharing Yoga ever since! 

In 2000,  I was guided to take a Reiki training class so I could heal myself and preserve my personal energy when working with clients. This was another invaluable tool I used to keep energy flowing through me when I was depleted. Using reiki, or Universal/Spiritual Energy, helped me to fill my own cup, so to speak, and avoid drawing other's people pain and suffering which empaths tend to do. Through personal experience, I trust the flow of energy of the Universe and Mother Nature which is known and practiced in all eastern martial arts and holistic healing practices. It is my pleasure and my passion to teach classes and give treatments in reiki as well as teach the path of Yoga to anyone who wishes to learn. 

In my first year teaching I was entrusted to lead a training weekend on the respiratory system for a Yoga Teacher Training program for Wellness Encounters.   My career in massage therapy specializing in pain management lasted 12 years, after which I settled down for a few years to raise my children and earn a Secondary Education teaching credential from Cal State Fullerton.

Up until 2014 my personal yoga practice and teaching had been focused primarily on strength and posture, but some physical complications unrelated to Yoga had left me in unfortunate circumstances. I had suffered pelvic dysfunction, psoas syndrome, and two herniated lumbar discs. My circumstances had changed, my body had changed, and so my practice had to change. It was during my studies in advanced teacher training that I was enduring more pain in my back, hip, and leg than ever before that I really embraced Yoga therapy.  In Spring 2016, with the practice of Yoga therapy, spinal decompression, and specific myofascial massage, I had fully recovered pain-free!

Today, my approach to teaching yoga is breath-centered and gentle, customized for the individual, and spiritually inquisitive.

I have taught more than 3,000 students ages 5 to 95 over the past 20 years and registered with the Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT500 (Experienced Yoga Teacher.) My unique background, education, and extensive experience in anatomy, psychology, and keen intuition are extremely helpful when teaching people with special conditions such as anxiety, depression, grief, muscular imbalances, pelvic floor awareness, life transitions, and plant-based nutrition. 



Buddhist studies, psychology,

holistic health, yoga, and The Beat writers.

Formal education:

Reiki Master Teacher, Ariel Hubbard, LMT, HHP, 2016 

E-RYT500 Optimal State of Living, Dr. Amy Wheeler, 2014

Secondary Education Teacher, CSUF, 2005

Certified Health Educator, CSUF, 2005

BA Psychology Vanguard University, 2004

First yoga training, Wellness Encounters, Dianne Harman, 1999

Nationally Certified Massage Therapist (NCTMB), 1993-2004

EnJOY a guided meditation...

Unity-- yoga nidra - Kristen Fewel
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