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Healer for Hire!


Need a speaker for a special event, fundraiser, panel discussion, or seminar?

 I have given presentations at public and private venues including libraries, festivals, community centers, and yoga studios. I am available for an hour up to an entire weekend.

Let's discuss your needs. 

Corporate Wellness Series

Give your team the gift of self-care this year! This four-part series gives your team helpful tools, tips, and techniques (based in yoga philosophy) to balance work with personal health.


Topics include:

Clear Your Head: Mindful Breathing

Nourish: Mindful Eating

Stretch: Mindful Movement

Unplug: Tune Into You

Sound bath with crystal and Tibetan bowls and baby-gong

Care for the Spiritual Empath

Learn easy-to-use techniques to prevent compassion fatigue and use your empathic gifts for the Highest Good!

Breath-centered Yoga & Meditation

Gentle movement connected to breath. Can be done in a chair or mat on the floor. I adapt this yoga class for anyone of any age. 

Guided Meditation 

Meditation is a remedy for the stressors of modern daily life. Receive specific guidance for your mind and breath to help you slow down and tune in to inner peace and wisdom.  In groups, this is terrific team building and fosters a sense of peace and harmony in community. 

Introduction to Self-Healing with Reiki  The Japanese self-healing art of Reiki is a form of healing touch. Reiki works through the power of focused intention and life-force energy directed by each participant through special hand placements on the body. This introduction to energywork brings relaxation, pain relief, rejuvenated mental focus, and prepares the mind for meditation.


Crystal bowls & Chimes "Sound Bath" 

Lay down in supported comfort to the varied tones and healing vibrations of Tibetan and crystal bowls & chimes. Vibrational meditations are very helpful for those who cannot meditate in silence, and are known to balance the energies of the chakras, or natural energy centers in the body, to bring you into a conscious restful state. 



Yoga Studies & Training/Certification

To enroll in any of the programs below, click the button and you will be

taken to my Scheduler to register.

Yoga Studies/ Yoga Teacher Training Call now for information: 714-404-2576

Click here for pricing and schedule.

Breath-centered Yoga Workshop

Create 3 effective, adaptable sequences for individuals or classes based on the breath cycle, not alignment. I will show you why Breath-centered Yoga, or hatha vinyasa krama, is absolutely the easiest, most effective way to teach yoga to anyone.  Prereq: Anatomy + yoga experience. (6 contact hrs YACEP for registered Yoga Teachers.) 

Path to Meditation: Focus & Depth

This class teaches a consistent path to meditation based on the ashtanga path of Yoga, a beginner's model, with specific guidance and practice of mindfulness of posture, breath, sound, and space. We will practice a mantra  from the Upanishads and there will be short intervals of peer teaching for practice.

Removing Obstacles to Meditation
The second weekend is an intermediate approach focusing on the foundations of Metta, or lovingkindness in the heart, which is the center of love and compassion for ourselves and others. We will study these obstacles in depth from a Buddhist perspective as the "three poisons," anger, ignorance, and greed, and their opposites, the antidotes: compassion, wisdom, and non-attachment.

Meditation Tools & Teaching Skills
The third weekend is an emerging-experienced meditation skills class to assess for obstacles and identify and utilize the appropriate tools to remove them such as mantra, sound, affirmations, yoga postures, breathwork, and visual focus (drishti). The tools of posture, mantra, breathwork, and drishti will be practiced consistently from the first day of class.

 Enso Reiki classes

Universal Life Force energy, known as chi (or qi), can be used to heal on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Instruction in reiki assists with meditation, relief of suffering, and energy protection for empaths and highly sensitive people. The addition of Enso (pronounced "ahn-so") increases the power and usage of reiki for meditation, healing, and transformation on all levels. An enso is a perfect circle drawn in an enlightened state of mind. This enlightened state of being is where great energy flows such as a river without obstruction, and

 all things are possible. 

Reiki level 1  No prerequisite. Rolling admissions. 

Level 1 covers the history and use of reiki, Byosen scanning, a protocol for a full-body self treatment and that for another person, and helps you to sensitize to your ability to feel energy moving through you and within you. I will give a special ceremonial attunement/initiation on the last day (or the last hour) of the class. This is ideally a 6 hour class broken up into at least two meetings to assure competency, but it may be done in one day. $250 offering all-inclusive. 

Reiki level 2  Prerequisite: reiki level 1. Call for training dates. 

Level 2 introduces additional symbols and training for distance healing, karmic healing, and mental/emotional/spiritual growth. This is the core of karmic healing over distance or in-person where actions and thoughts of the past are transformed and healed. Once the core symbol is mastered, students will learn an 5 additional sacred symbols to increase the healing potential for any recipient (human or pet), empower goals and affirmations, and heal trauma from the past. I will give a special ceremonial attunement/initiation on the last day (or the last hour) of the class. This is ideally a 10 hour class broken up into at least 2 meetings to assure competency. $330 offering all-inclusive. 


Reiki 3/ Master Teacher  Prerequisite: reiki level 2. Call for training dates. 

This class is specifically for people who wish to teach Usui + Independent reiki to others and provide support, and initiation ceremony for your own students who are called to train with you.  Reiki level 2 & Absentee/Distance symbols are reviewed, and up to 40 additional symbols and their uses will be introduced.  I will give a special ceremonial attunement/initiation on the last day (or the last hour) of the class. This class consists of at least 10 practice hours with the instructor over the course of 5 months, and 40 additional hours practicing attunements and giving treatments to others.  $440 offering all-inclusive.

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