Kristen's Calendar

Join me for a Year of Compassion!

All classes (unless otherwise noted) are held at Full Circle Yoga & Healing Arts in Yorba Linda. RSVP by call/text to 714-404-2576 or email

Menu of Services

All services are provided at my office at Full Circle Yoga & Healing Arts unless otherwise specified. Contact me about on-location services. 

Private sessions

Yoga Therapy ~ Meditation ~ Reiki ~ Energy Balancing

Introductory Session for any service~ 45 mins $75 


Full session 1 hr $108 / Package of 3 $300


Customized treatment session~   90 mins $149

Includes a range of healing modalities including reiki, energy balancing, breathwork, sound  & vibration, and essential oils. 

For more remarkable results...

Package of three 90 min sessions $400 (save $47)

Community Classes @ Full Circle Yoga

My group classes are gentle enough for beginners, appropriately challenging, and adaptable for anyone regardless of ability.  

Breath for Health & Reiki Meditation

Saturdays 11am-12pm

This class focuses on maintaining healthy sinuses and lungs to gradually and comfortably deepen the breath and vital lung capacity. The second part of the session is receiving healing energy (reiki) facilitated by me and a guided meditation for energy balancing and peace of mind. 

Breath-Centered Yoga & Meditation

Sundays 11am-12:15pm

This class develops deep and full breathing with safe and beneficial movement which creates the ideal natural conditions for meditation to occur. This is an all levels class recommended for healing from injury, reducing stress, and for deepening mindfulness and meditation. 

Some special words from my students and co-creators...

"It lasts longer than any meditation I try on my own."

"I feel light in my body. I sense my spiritual guides here."

"We have permission to be kind to ourself and to love our body."

"There is a specialness and jubilation. I walk out feeling smiley-er."

"I get out of my head for an hour in class, and for several hours afterwards."

"It feels mothering and comforting. Kristen's guidance and words help me focus on my intention for growth and healing. The crystal bowls and music really help, too."

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