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Reiki Plus! Yoga

Reiki = Energy Protection

My Mission is to empower highly sensitive, spiritual people to maintain and protect their energy for wellbeing and peace of mind through Yoga, meditation, and reiki. A hundred years ago, reiki was primarily used to relieve pain and reverse dis-ease, much as Yoga has done for thousands of years. In Yoga, energy is controlled with the body and mind through breathwork (pranayama), posture (asana), attention (dhyana), and kriya (purifying actions). Yoga can do a lot for a person using movement and breathwork to help generate a resilient body and mind, but reiki is valuable in another way. Reiki can provide vital energy for a very ill or weak person if they did not have the energy to do the gentlest of Yoga.
Reiki is a spiritually directed life force energy that works cooperatively with Yoga, but is not reliant upon it for it to work. Reiki practitioners the world over now recognize, as I do, that Reiki is an evolving and ever-strengthening force and we can enhance and direct its powerful flow. Even for those who do not believe in spiritual things can experience and feel its benefits. Reiki has a distinctive quality of flowing ONE direction like a river, along a path of greatest need and highest good-- removing blockages and filling up gaps in cells and energetic spaces. Empaths need this power and direction for energy protection. Reiki, like a powerful river, does not go back upstream. This means that "negative" energy will not back up to negatively affect them. This continuous flow of energy is why reiki is so effective at helping empathic people resist "picking up" negative energy, a frustrating phenomenon to them and the people they love.

Although Yoga's popularity has risen in the US mainly for its link to physical fitness, reiki is rising in popularity as sensitive and spiritual people are looking for ways to heal themselves and their families. Some reiki practitioners and reiki masters offer services in wellness centers, community centers, and yoga studios. In recent years, Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, CA has hired reiki masters to treat post-surgical patients to reduce the need for pain meds and improve healing outcomes.

More hospitals are also hiring Yoga therapists to help patients recover mobility and reduce or eliminate pain, trauma, and nervous system dysfunction. Although these modalities are entirely different in their history and application, they can achieve similar outcomes.

I have been practicing yoga nearly as long as I have been practicing reiki-- almost 20 years. Let me know if I can help you find the relief and recovery you have been looking for.

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