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My motto for 2019: Sensitivity is Strength

This past year I have really clarified my mission about whom and how I want to help people. As a highly sensitive person myself, the tools I use for my own mind-body health are the ones I am most often asked to teach. This is the year to throw off insecurity and doubt and come into your strengths in all aspects of health and wellbeing! And if you doubt your mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual strengths, I will show them to you and help you continue to develop them this year!

In keeping with my focus on authentic teachings of Yoga based on the philosophical writings of Patanjali and informed by my personal practice, I will be offering breath-centered yoga workshops, and reiki and meditation teacher training in 2019. I have also been learning Sanskrit mantras from the Vedas and Upanishads which I will weave into my classes and workshops. I have been teaching group classes for 18 years, two of which have been ongoing at Full Circle for the past four years, and they will remain on the same days and times. Visit my schedule of classes and workshops, and feel free to drop in anytime!

The Gift of Awakening: An inspiring book for highly sensitive, spiritual folks!

This year I published my first book and placed it in seven independent bookstores from here to Boulder, Colorado. And, touchingly, I have received a total of 6 five-star reviews from readers, none of whom are related to me-- ha ha! I am so grateful to my readers who make the labor of love of writing so worth the effort! If you've read The Gift of Awakening, please add your honest review to or Yelp! or Google so others can benefit from it, too. And for those of you who have been waiting for an audio-book, I am at work on an Audible version with a tentative launch for March, 2019.

Thank you for an amazing 2018 and I can't wait to see what amazing things we can do together in 2019! Peace and love all around-- We are All ONE!


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