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Summer Goals

Hello, and namaste'!

I'M BACK! Refreshed from a desert vacation and crystal clear on new personal and professional goals! I just love how a little time away can bring inspiration to change something for the better!

I have been speaking and teaching groups and individuals for many years on the benefits of a focused mind, a healthy body, and a path to inner peace. I've decided I want to do this more often. I'm a face-to-face 'people person', so connecting with more people is how I've decided to be of better service to each individual, my community, and to the world.

If you know of a group of 10-100 people who want to hear positive health & nutritional inspiration, guidance to overcome anxiety, mindfulness, or self empowerment, give me a call or email me. 714-404-2576

Although I love and live mostly in the 'real' world, and not on devices, I meet many wonderful souls through the interwebs, and I'd love to meet you, too! I frequently update my social media sites on Facebook and Instagram, and I have my very own webpage on the Full Circle Yoga website. Feel free to invite me to your event, or come see me at my office at Full Circle Yoga in Yorba Linda, CA. I hope to connect with you when the time is right.

In Love & Light,

Kristen Fewel

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