Vegan Delights

by Jeff Fewel

Plant-based education, coaching, and healthy vegan comfort food
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Benefits of Living a Whole Food, Plant-based Lifestyle:


Fight disease. 

With each and every breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner there are many opportunities every single day to influence the state of your health.  Even if you took a yoga class every day, what you eat contains the only nutrients your body has to protect your body from disease, free radicals, and aging. 


Eat your food and love it, too.

I can help you with substitutes for your favorite unhealthy foods, and introduce new recipes your whole family will love! I support my clients one step at a time. Whatever your reasons for making a change, I provide the encouragement and know-how to get you where you want to be as soon as possible. 


Get lean and feel great!

Yoga and a plant-based diet (sometimes called a yogic diet) will get you to your ideal weight, reduce pain and inflammation, and take control of your health once and for all. I will educate you in the basics of plant-based nutrition, deepen your yoga practice (or get one started), and how to put it all together so you and your family can eat together and live in harmony with good health.  

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